"For a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again,
but the wicked shall fall by calamity."


A family man finds himself lost within the underworld crime scene and does everything in his power to reach the top.
Without his family ever knowing.


Cast & Crew

Ryan’s Family

Sonny Michael Chohan as Ryan
Bhav Parmar as Shazia
Sheetal Kapoor as Zaara
Javed Khan as Uncle Mo
Balraj Chohan as Kamraan

Riz’s Gang

Naveed Ahmed as Riz
Mani Sohal as Harry
Antonio Aakeel as Imi
Sunny Ubhi as Kul
Emma Morgan as Jen

Supporting Artists

Jason Timmington as Schoolboy 1
Lewis Hughes as Schoolboy 2
Chloe Meads as Schoolgirl 1
Megan Howell as Schoolgirl 2
Catherine Nicholson as Schoolgirl 3
Alison Crook as Schoolgirl 4
Lindsay Richardson as Schoolgirl 5
Leanne Martin as Riz’s Girl
Darron Redfern as Man 1
Chris Pass as Man 2
Ville Black as Bathroom Guy
Lawrie Black as Bathroom Girl
Shahid Chohan as Groomer 1
David Jackson as Groomer 2
Mathias André as Groomer 3
Alice Rouchard as Victim 1
Shireenah Ingram as Victim 2
Chanelle Shea-Calvin as Victim 3
Amirul Hussain as Helpless Spectator
Manoj Anand as Asian Man
Phill Liptrot as Bouncer 1
Annil Mittoo as Bouncer 2
Stanley Squirrel as Funny Drunk
Emily Jo Wright as Pole Dancer
Tanya Barad as Bar Dancer 1
Nadia Lara Sbai as Bar Dancer 2
Helen Stokes as Bar Girl 1
Pre Krystle as Bar Girl 2
Tony Kaye as Club Guest 1
Matty Smith as Club Guest 2
John Brain as Club Guest 3
Arranjeev Bajwa as Club Guest 4
Craig Kendall as Club Guest 5
Mark Deakin as Club Guest 6
Luke Davies as Henchman 1
Suave Flava as Henchman 2
Mark Williams as Henchman 3
Catherine Keats as News Reporter


Gee Singh
Sue Rani
Sukhy Chohan
Mr & Mrs Kukadia
Paul Jackson
Sharon Jackson
Amy Jackson
Haqi Ali
Harminder Chohan
Phil Hyde
Sami Cornick
Josie Stringer
Steff Tyzel Thompson
Medusa Gentleman’s Club

Sid’s Gang

Dave Kukadia as Sid
Fayaz Nathalia as Biggie
Archie Cocker as Tony
Reese Burke as Danny
Jake Whithouse as Ash
John Booker as Ben

Other Characters

Karen Swan as Ms. Johnson
Phil Tillot as PC Blackham
Florence Kinder as Lucy
Mandy Thandi as Ruby
Joseph Williams as Jay
Jade Greyul as Nichola
Lewis Bates as Philip
Prashant Bij as Yasin


Sonny Michael Chohan (Writer/Director/Producer/Editor)
Nick Clarke (Cinematographer)
Joseph Richards (1st AD)
Peter Banks (1st AC/Focus Puller)
Benjamin Thompson (1st AC/Focus Puller)
Alex Dewhirst (1st AC)
Claire Perry (1st AC)
Richard Bell (2nd AC)
Dan Sambrook (2nd AC)
Simon Badger (2nd AC)
Rob Young (2nd AC)
Brendan Goss (Lighting Technician)
Jerome Puri (Lighting Technician)
Danyl Rathband (Lighting Technician)
Alexander Donald (Lighting Technician)
Mbili Munthali (Lighting Technician)
Ben Chapman (Lighting Technician)
Chris Koonan (Lighting Technician)
Rob Tranter (Lighting Technician)
Byrone Nicholson (Lighting Technician)
Dan Rhodes (Sound Recordist/Boom Operator)
Allan Okello (Sound Recordist/Boom Operator)
Dale Trayers (Sound Recordist/Boom Operator)
Peter Collins (Sound Recordist/Boom Operator)
Alex Dunnaker (Sound Recordist/Boom Operator)
AJ Riley Chohan (Live Footage/Continuity)
Shahid Chohan (Stills Photographer)
Satty Matharu (Hair/Make up/SFX Make up)
Jodi Virk (Make up Assistant)
Sonny Michael Chohan (Casting Director/Location Scout/DIT)
Dan Rhodes (Sound Mixer)
Haqi Ali (Production Assistant)
Alison Crook (Production Assistant)
Hannah Lombard (Production Assistant)
James Taylor (Production Assistant)
Joe Palmer-Soady (Production Assistant)
Timothy Wilkes (Production Assistant)


‘Guilty Pleasures Official Soundtrack’ – The Delta Rhythm