Sonny Michael Chohan

Sonny Michael Chohan is an actor, writer, director and producer from the Midlands, United Kingdom. Sonny has always wanted to be an actor, even at the age of four or five he would imitate his fellow students, school teachers, friends and family members. After graduating with a BA Hons in Dramatic Arts from the University of Wolverhampton in 2009, Sonny spent the next two years performing in various shorts, theatre productions and corporate videos as well as trying his hand in stand up comedy. Although getting a lot of work, Sonny felt his true talent was not being shown and decided to sign up with one of London’s top acting agencies. However, after being offered roles such as doctors, shopkeepers, taxi drivers and terrorists (basically any stereotypical role meant for the average ‘Brit-Asian’ actor), Sonny decided to quit the agency and try an alternative route into the film industry.

Taking a one year break from acting, Sonny focused on his scriptwriting and wrote a total of seven films, whilst working numerous jobs to ‘pay the bills’. During this time, he also started working as a drama facilitator, voiceover artist and performed TIE pieces around the UK for extra income. In January 2013, Sonny finally launched Smooth Demon Productions and made his directorial debut with the twenty-minute, urban short, Tainted Love. For this project, not only did he write, cast, direct, produce and fund the project but also played the lead antagonist, Imran Khan.

Actor / Writer / Director / Producer

In 2016, Sonny returned with his second directorial venture. A hard-hitting drama titled Guilty Pleasures. Sonny spent over two and a half years researching his character and developing the story as well as auditioning fresh new faces to join his ever-growing production team. The pilot episode premiered in Birmingham in July, 2016 and showed Sonny playing the lead, Rehan ‘Ryan’ Shah – a family man who finds himself lost within the underworld crime scene. Sonny continues to try and get the pilot aired onto mainstream television and working on a full series.

2018 is set to bring us Sonny’s busiest year with three very unique projects. Patient 52 – a psychological thriller set inside a psychiatric hospital in which Sonny will be playing the title role. This will be followed by Smooth Demon’s first ever collaboration with another production company with the film Ruthless, a short story about five gang leaders meeting up for their annual poker game. In this film, Sonny will portray the part of Jake Kumar, one of the five gangsters. Finally, the the year will end with the highly anticipated Franco, a web series based on the life of a man who tries to better the world by taking the law into his own hands. Sonny will again be playing the title role in this project.