Ash ConnaughtonDirector of Photography/1st AC/Focus Puller

    Director of Photography/1st AC/Focus Puller

    About Ash:

    Ash Connaughton is a Cinematographer based in Birmingham UK, with experience in junior roles on big feature film sets, as well as having shot award winning pieces such as the short neo noir “Io Selezinero” and documentary “Tax Shelter Terrors”. Ash’s main focus is behind the camera, shooting various genres over the past few years, his passion lies in drama and telling stories visually while reaching out and connecting with the audience.

    Ash’s unique visual style combined with a narrative focused approach leads to beautiful imagery that ultimately serves and drives the narrative of each project he undertakes. He studied Media as a broad subject for 6 years, mostly focusing on Film and Television, giving him a wealth of varied experience while earning a BA Honours as well as other qualifications. Ash is available to work throughout the UK and worldwide, as a Director of Photography (with own kit) and also as 1st AC/Focus Puller. Ash has been working with Smooth Demon for the past year and has impressed us with his hardworking and professional attitude.

    Previous Work:

    Lo Selezionero: Short film (won best cinematography at Spectacul Rio de Janeiro)

    Do Not Disturb: Short film

    The Diary: Short Zombie Film

    One Week Later: MARS Official Music Video