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“The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work”.

Michael Jackson

About Smooth Demon Productions

Founded in January 2013, Smooth Demon Productions (SDP) is a Midlands based production company run by Sonny Michael Chohan. The company specialises in creating diverse Shorts, TV Pilots and Feature Films that reflect real-life issues, particularly within the British Asian communities. Over the past four years, SDP have created three very unique pieces of work – Tainted Love (short drama), Guilty Pleasures (drama pilot) and Patient 52 (short psychological thriller), which is currently is post-production. Franco will be Smooth Demon’s fourth instalment, which is due to go into production early 2018. The work produced by SDP focuses on topics such as, sexism, racism, forced marriages, drug abuse, human trafficking, paedophilia, corruption, homosexuality, domestic violence, alcoholism, prostitution, gambling, gun-crime and much more. The aim for SDP is not only to make films but to also create a platform on which struggling actors, writers, directors and other crew members can come together and help each other out.

SDP Style

Most of the work created by SDP is inspired by Stanislavsky’s ‘method’ and the works of some of the greats such as, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. In terms of filming and directing styles, we tend to focus on the earlier works of directing legends such as, Sidney Lumet, Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola. We encourage all of our actors and crew members to familiarise themselves with these styles before contacting us.

SDP Auditions

Our auditions are not your typical five-minute slots in which you spend most of your time panicking in front of three complete strangers. Here at SDP we like to do things a little different. An email, a phone call, a Skype chat or an informal meeting and then, once you are comfortable and have built a relationship with us, you will be invited to one of our workshops followed by an ‘audition’.

Our audition process is always set in four stages. We start the day with a scene read-through with our casting director. This will be followed by a videoed scene of you performing from the actual script (we do not wish to see random monologues that neither of us actually care about). Once you are confident enough with the scene and your character, you will have the opportunity to take part in a short improvisation class – giving you the chance to add your own creativeness to the scene. Finally, the audition will end with a very short discussion with our casting director and director.

We are not one of those companies who say ‘if you have not heard back from us, you are not successful’, somebody from our team will always be in touch, regardless of the outcome. If you are successful then you will be invited to a meet and greet with the rest of the actors involved in your scenes before the project goes into production. If you are unsuccessful then we will encourage you to re-audition for another character or, if possible, offer other alternatives.

Please note that one of our regular actors is always available on the day of your audition, should you need any help or advice.

Why SDP?

What makes SDP so different? Although SDP welcomes people from all faiths and backgrounds – we particularly encourage talents from within the Asian communities to join us in breaking those racial/stereotypical barriers within the industry – the ones that we all experience but choose to ignore (there is more to us than the Indian accent).


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